At Strand Nursing we understand that homecare is not always about providing clinical or medical support, and that often just having someone with you in your home with youat key times can be all you need to continue to live independently.

For this reason we deliver a bespoke Social Companionship service that is personally tailored to meet your social requirements, whether that be accompanying you on outings or just being there in the day time to help you around the house.

Our Social Companionship service gives you the support that you need to live independently, providing you with the assistance of a Strand Nurse or Carer at times to suit your convenience. Your Carers will provide company and conversation as well as providing support with household and social activities.

The support that you receive and the frequency in which you receive it is at your own discretion. We can provide support in a number of ways including;


If you simply require some company in your home, a Strand Carer can spend time with you, doing the things that you enjoyand providing the company and reassurance that you need. Having someone to sit and chat with, watch television or go for a short walk, may be just the thing you need to brighten up your day.

Household Activities

If you have reduced independence, a Strand Carer can assist you with light housekeeping tasks around your home. They can also provide support with your food shopping and meal preparation, providing a bespoke service that works to your food preferences and desired meal times.

Trips outside of your home

If you are planning a day trip out, whether it be a walk to the local park or a day out further afield, we can provide a Strand Carer to accompany you on day trips, allowing you and your family to relax, safe in the knowledge that you are getting the personal attention you require whilst out on your trip.

Social Activities

If you are involved in social activities, but reduced independence is making it difficult for you to continue with certain things you enjoy, we can provide you with a Strand Carer to support you whenever needed.

Whatever your social requirements, Strand Nurses Bureau can provide you with a personally tailored social companionship package that provides the support that you need, when you need it most.