Glossary of Terms


An accidental event that did, or had the potential to, cause harm or damage to a client or their property.

Alleged Abuse

Definitions of abuse are widely understood. These differ between adults and children, but include psychological, physical, emotional, financial, sexual, neglect, domestic, discrimination and organisational abuse. The threshold for categorising something as abuse can be very low and includes all allegations of abuse even where the evidence later shows that no abuse took place. For example, if a member of staff falls asleep on duty this can be classed as abuse as it may constitute neglect.

Care Inspectorate

The regulator of care in Scotland – Interserve Healthcare is registered and regulated by this organisation in Scotland.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

The regulator of care in England – Interserve Healthcare is registered and regulated by this organisation in England.

Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW)

The regulator of care in Wales – Interserve Healthcare is registered and regulated by this organisation in Wales. In 2018 CSSIW became known as Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW).


Issues related to the giving of care or the undertaking of a treatment that had been agreed as part of the care plan. For example, this may include providing care not in the care plan or providing care badly.

Client Care Staff (CCS)

The term we use for the people we send to clients to provide care.

Client’s home/property

Events that causes damage to the clients’ home or property or where that property caused a problem in the giving of care.

Clinical Assurance Review

Our own internal audit process to ensure our branches are complying with the policies and standards we set.

Community programmes

This is a collection of services Interserve Healthcare provides to clients who require specific therapies. At present we provide renal peritoneal dialysis, home parenteral feeding and home antibiotic therapies.

Environmental issues

Things such as a breakdown of an essential service (such as gas supply), or an issue in the client’s home relating to things such as poor flooring, a pet, an infestation, heating etc.

Equipment issues

Issues relating to the safe use, availability or function of an item of equipment we use to provide care.

Fire issues

Things that either caused a fire or had the strong potential to cause a fire.


Events where a person believed that the behaviour of another person felt to them to be bullying or harassing.

Infection control issues

Issues that either caused infection or had the potential to cause an infection. This may include issues relating to proper hand washing during the giving of care.

Information issues

Issues relating to the management of confidential information we hold about our clients or staff.

IT security

Events relating to the safe keeping of information and the safe and secure operating of our Information technology (IT) systems.


Key Lines of Enquiry – These are the framework of standards used by the Care Quality Commission in its inspections of provider services.

Lone working

Events that were a result of our staff working alone, or where them working alone contributed to the event.


Events relating to the safe handling of medicines.

National Institute of Clinical and Care Excellence (NICE)

This is the government body that sets guidelines about the delivery of health and social care.


The use of a Red, Amber and Green scale with Red indicating where things need to improve through to Green for those things done well.

Reporting of Incidents, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR)

These regulations are enforced by the Health & Safety Executive and require employers to report accidents and illnesses that cause the greatest harm to staff.

Security issues

Events where the security of a clients’ home, or one of our offices, was compromised.

Security of information

Issues relating to the secure storage, handling or sharing of client’s confidential information.

Slip / trip / fall

Any incident where one of our clients or staff fall over, slip up or trip over something.

Staffing issues

Any event where the adequate level of staff is not available.

United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA)

The industry body representing the role of homecare providers such as Interserve Healthcare. Interserve Healthcare is a full member of the UKHCA