Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Debit & Credit payments

Interserve Healthcare Limited accept payments using the following cards; VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express & Apple Pay.

Debit and Credit card payments are accepted by Interserve Healthcare Limited for the following transactions:
1. Payments made by clients in advance of Interserve Healthcare Limited delivering services to them,
2. Payments made by clients for services delivered by Interserve Healthcare Limited and received by the client, and
3. Payments made by a potential new client care staff applicant to allow a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check to be carried out. This forms part of the recruitment process.

Payments made by Clients for services

The client agrees to pay the hourly charges of Interserve Healthcare Limited which will be notified and agreed with the client in advance of the services commencing. The charges will be invoiced to the client by Interserve Healthcare Limited on a weekly basis and payment of the invoice will be due 7 days from the date of the invoice, unless agreed otherwise in writing with Interserve Healthcare Limited.

Payments by potential new client care staff applicants

The payment will be processed in line with the DBS fee in force at the point in time of the payment being processed. The payment will be processed by the local Interserve Healthcare Limited branch team as part of completing your application process.

Interserve Healthcare Limited does not store any credit or debit card details and all transactions are processed by a secure system.

Cancellation of services – private contracted clients

If a private client wishes to cancel or amend any services booked with Interserve Healthcare Limited, the Client must provide Interserve Healthcare Limited with a minimum of twenty four (24) hours’ notice by contacting their local branch. If the client fails to give such notice Interserve Healthcare Limited reserves the right to charge the full charge payable for the carer’s shift.

Refund of payments made for services

Payments made in advance by the client for which services are not then delivered or not delivered in full:

Where a payment has been made in advance of the service commencing and the service does not then commence or the full commissioned hours that were paid for are not provided, a refund should be requested in writing to your local Interserve Healthcare Limited branch. A refund will be processed within 7 working days of the refund request being made.

Duplicate payments of invoices:

-In the unlikely event that a client makes a duplicate payment for the same invoice, Interserve Healthcare Limited will process a refund within 7 working days following a written request by the client. The refund may be processed sooner if Interserve Healthcare Limited identify the duplicate payment. Invoice queried after payment made:

-If a client pays an invoice and subsequently then believes the invoice to be inaccurate, the invoice query will need to be raised with the local Interserve Healthcare Limited branch team to be investigated and resolved. If a refund is approved following investigation, the refund will be processed within 7 working days of the query being satisfactorily resolved.

Refund of payments made by client care staff as part of application process

Where payment has been received and Interserve Healthcare Limited have carried out the DBS check incurring the cost, no refund will be due under any circumstances. If however, a request is made by the applicant prior to the DBS check being carried out a refund will be processed. This refund will need to be requested by the applicant in writing to the local Interserve Healthcare Limited branch who processed the original payment. All refunds will be processed within 7 working days once approved.