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Siobhan Contreras, Strand branch nurse

Registered Nurse, Siobhan Contreras, has been at Strand Nursing for the last ten years, having previously worked for the agency on a temporary basis. Siobhan has worked in all areas of care including social, post-surgery, general medical, congenital conditions, neurological, spinal and end of life. She has extensive nursing experience with live-in care services and understands the different considerations for night and day time care.

Siobhan has stayed with Strand Nursing for many years because of her love for the role and the clients and teams at this prestigious agency. She said: “I meet a wide variety of people from many different cultural backgrounds. I’ve seen the growth of private home care, supported by healthcare assistants and nurses. Fortunately conditions which would have been managed in hospital are now being cared for at home, and adults and children are living longer.

“I enjoy a busy day, liaising with managers, branch team members, carrying out new assessments and speaking to our long-serving Strand Nursing clients. I stay in close contact with our client care staff working in people’s home and I carry out supervisions and appraisals to support their development. I ensure that all our clinical documentation is completed and reviewed. As a nurse I keep up my own Continual Professional Development and I regularly speak to nurse colleagues across the organisation.

“Strand Nursing is a great place to work. We have a very positive, hard-working and close knit team. We are all driven to provide excellent care to our clients. I especially enjoy those days when I hear about clients with improving health or managing better with their conditions thanks to the support they get through Strand Nursing services.

“I became Strand’s Branch Nurse ten years ago. It’s a role I cherish because of the variety and challenges; supporting our client care staff who provide care and my contact with clients and their families. Progressing from an agency nurse to a branch nurse felt very natural.

“I am always learning and using my skills, such as listening, maintaining clear boundaries, empathy and good observation. I also have good people skills, professionalism, empathy and warmth. I am comfortable with most situations even when they are out of the ordinary. When I first became a branch nurse I worried that I would miss day to day nursing, but I quickly found that I am still very much a nurse and I just use different aspects of my skill set.

“Being a Strand Branch Nurse is a very busy and rewarding job. In my spare time I focus on good sleep, diet and exercise, as well as taking holidays and spending time with friends.”